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Historical Records Preservation and Digitization Project

This project aims to digitize and provide online access to the full series of historical records of the 16th Infantry Regiment. While we are pleased with the steady growth of our digitized collection, we still have a long way to go! This project moves us forward significantly toward the Society’s mission, vision and goals, so donate now and help us by making a one-time or monthly donation to preserve history for future generations.

Operation White Rose

The intent of this project is to place a white rose on the graves of all 521 16th Infantrymen buried at the seven ABMC cemeteries in Europe and North Africa for Memorial Day. The white rose signifies the purity of the sacrifice of our men who gave their lives for our country and for the liberation of Europe. The flowers also signify the givers’ reverence, remembrance, and appreciation. The cost to accomplish this will come to about $5 per grave. Update: unfortunately, the summer heat on Memorial Day cause the roses to wilt very quickly. We therefore decided to replace the individual decorations with a large red, white (roses, of course) and blue Memorial Day wreath to be laid at the overseas American cemeteries, every year, on the last Monday of May.

Missing In Action Project

Today, 83,000 American veterans are still missing in action. Forty of them served with the U.S. 16th Infantry Regiment during World War II. Our mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting for those forty missing soldiers to their families. These men made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might be free. As a thankful nation, it is a debt we can never fully repay, but it is a debt we will never stop trying to fully repay. Donate today, and help us bring these men home.

Oral History Project

Our Oral History Program aims to collect, preserve, and make available interviews conducted with men of the 16th Infantry Regiment who served from World War I to the modern day. These oral histories contain vivid retellings of the experience of war through first-hand accounts. These interviews present a unique opportunity to see what combat was like, told by the men and women who were there.

Faces of the 16th Infantry Regiment

The Faces of the 16th Infantry Regiment is an online memorial effort to put a face to every 16th Infantrymen who served in World War II. Learn more about this project here.

“The First!” – The Story of the 1st Infantry Division

“The First!” is an initiative by the 16th Infantry Regiment Historical Society to inform and bring together historians, history buffs and other individuals with wide ranging knowledge and interests in the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division. This blog-like website started out as a way to write down our thoughts on certain aspects of the division’s history. With this blog, we want to offer people a platform to share their knowledge, insights and opinions. And by sharing and discussing, we strive to increase the collective knowledge in a wide variety of themes and subjects.

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