Bryce F. Denno

Medal_of_Honor_ribbon-131x37Distinguished Service Cross
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  • Rank and organization: Major, U.S. Army, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division
  • Place and date: Near Niscemi, Sicily, 12 July 1943
  • G.O. No.: War Department, General Orders No. 31 (1944)

Citation: Major Bryce F. Denno, O-23161 (then Captain), Infantry, United States Army. For extraordinary heroism in action. Major Denno, at daybreak on 12 July 1943, was in the vicinity of Niscemi, Sicily, in command of the 2nd Battalion of the 16th Infantry while under fire. The company commander of the Regimental Cannon Company, which was in direct support, was wounded while trying to repel a violent enemy tank attack against the two forward companies of the battalion. Seeing the need for immediate control Major Denno crossed 500 yards of open terrain in the face of heavy machine-gun and artillery fire and took command of a section of the Cannon Company consisting of one half-track and one full-track. He exercised control of this section from the half-track, which he had previously leaped into to lead in the charge, until it was knocked out of action by enemy fire. He then crossed to the full-track and manned its gun himself, bringing successful fire on the enemy tanks until the attack was repelled. Major Denno’s rapid and heroic action, undertaken with great initiative and leadership, enabled his battalion to go on and capture its objective. This success was in a large measure responsible for the victory of his regiment on this day and was an inspiration to all who witnessed it.

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