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The American Battle Monuments Commission operates and maintains 24 American cemeteries and 25 memorials, monuments and markers in 15 countries. Nearly 125,000 American war dead are buried at ABMC cemeteries, with an additional 94,000 individuals commemorated on Tablets of the Missing. Since 1945, the Dutch, and most notably the villagers of Margraten, adopted, watched over, and cared for the graves of fallen liberators. All 8,301 graves at the Netherlands American Cemetery have been adopted, and the adopters treat these soldiers as if they are their own family. Similar adoption programs can be found at the Normandy, Brittany, and Epinal Cemeteries in France, the Ardennes and Henri-Chapelle Cemeteries in Belgium, and the Luxembourg Cemetery in Luxembourg.

How does it work?

Anyone can put in an application for adopting a grave or inscription on the Walls of the Missing. As an adopter, you are expected to visit regularly and place fresh flowers at the grave, preferably on special occasions like Memorial Day or Veterans’ Day. The grave adoption programs are not about money, as it is a free process. Adopting a grave is a commitment to remember. If you are interested in adopting a grave or inscription on the Walls of the Missing, please contact the appropriate “Adopt a Grave” foundations. Important contact information of known adoption programs is listed below for your convenience.

Adopted graves of 16th Infantrymen

Listed below are the names of all known people who have adopted graves of 16th Infantrymen. If you have adopted a grave of a soldier who served with the U.S. 16th Infantry Regiment, and your name is not already mentioned below, simply use our contact form to let us know about your grave adoption so we can add your name to the list as soon as possible.

LastName FirstName MiddleName Suffix Rank ASN Cemetery Adopted by
Allen Shirley J. Pfc. 34524663 Henri-Chapelle Jurgen Wijnands
Ballinger Richard C. Pfc. 33330072 Henri-Chapelle Claude Kalbusch
Brown Gerald M. Pfc. 38516458 Henri-Chapelle Dirk van den Bol
Buzzard Hampton Pvt. 38147715 Netherlands Max Poorthuis
Ellis Calvin E. S/Sgt. 6892887 Henri-Chapelle Simon Voogd
Ernest Robert B. Pfc. 42106153 Netherlands Suzan v/d Biggelaar
Gay Warren E. Pfc. 31298718 Henri-Chapelle Max Poorthuis
Geer Gilbert T. Pfc. 31415303 Netherlands Zef Ronden
Greubel Joseph F. T/Sgt. 6909116 Brittany Max Poorthuis
Legg Joseph F. Pfc. 35830571 Henri-Chapelle Rene Dam
Lucky George G. Pfc. 35061470 Henri-Chapelle Max Poorthuis
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